About Brian Moses

I didn't relate much to writing when I was at school. Most of the time i just wanted to get outside and kick a ball around. But I did read a lot. Enid Blyton kick started the habit. I wanted to be adventuring with the Famous Five. Then I moved on to Jennings, Billy Bunter, William and Biggles. These were all 'series' books so after you'd enjoyed the first book there were tons more to read and look forward to. My parents understood how worthwhile reading was and there were plenty of books in our house.

I started writing myself when I tried to play the guitar. I tried to write songs but both my singing and guitar playing were dreadful and I gave up. I became hooked on words through reading lyrics on the backs of record sleeves and so I moved on to writing poetry.

Today I live in a Sussex village that is just down the road from the site of the Battle of Hastings. I live there with my wife Anne and my younger daughter Linette. Karen, my older daughter is a professional singer and dancer. I work in a room that I had built in my garden. It is full of books, computers and percussion instruments.

These days I spend half my time writing at home and the other half travelling round the UK and Europe visiting schools and performing my poems wherever there is an audience. I play percussion to emphasise the rhythms in lots of my poems and often feel that I've become the modern day equivalent of the Medieval travelling jester! I've been a professional poet for the last 21 years now, It's a great way to earn a living and I wouldn't change it.

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Animals .......... Chickens (they're so funny and so pea-brained),
                       hippos, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs and my
                       wonderful golden labrador called Honey.

Books ............. I read all the time and usually have two or three
                       books on the go at the same time. I particularly
                       enjoy travel books, books about rock music,
                       biographies and fiction.

Writers ........... My favourite children's writer is Michael
                       Morpurgo - he is such a powerful storyteller.
                       I also collect books by Robert Westall and a
                       travel writer called H.V. Morton.

Music ............. I discovered Bob Dylan when I was fourteen
                       and have always been a big fan. I also love
                       listening to Bruce Springsteen & the East Street
                       Band, The Killers, Snow Patrol and Joni

Hobbies .......... Writing was my hobby and then became the way
                       I earn my living. Now my hobbies are travelling,
                       particularly to America, keeping chickens and
                       walking with my dog on the hills and through
                       the fields surrounding our village.

Places ............ Lots in America - New York, Arizona, San Fransisco
                       European cities such as Paris, Berlin and Dublin.
                       The Island of Guernsey, Scotland and Hay-on-Wye,
                       the book town with over 35 different book shops!!